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          Top quality legal advice is a given. Delivering consistently for our clients is just as critical. We do that by building strong relationships, providing the best experience along the way.

          Only through long-term relationships can we truly understand a business from the inside out. And only through understanding a business inside out can we truly offer commercial value.  Value that comes from knowing what really matters.

          Recognised as leaders in industries ranging from retail to insurance, technology to media, and well beyond, we have the expertise to handle bet-the-business litigation, complex regulatory challenges, transformational transactions and so much more. Globally.

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          James Miller

          Managing Partner

          +44 20 3060 6517

          James Miller

          Fresh Perspectives


          Annual Insurance Review 2022

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          Snapshots Spring 2022

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          Retail Compass Spring Edition 2022

          Topic: Retail Therapy


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          CMA ends its investigation into online console gaming subscription practices

          Topic: Entertainment


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